1 kw Off Grid Solar System-Solar Inverter-Battery-Panel

1 kw Off Grid Solar System-Solar Inverter-Battery-Panel

If you want to run approximately 800 watt load or your house load is less than 800 watt, then 1kW solar system is best for you. To run your load, 1st priority will be solar system and 2nd would be grid or batteries. It needs 100sq. feet roof space for solar panel installation.

Off grid also known as a stand-alone power system or with solar battery based system. Off grid solar system has battery for backup. Solar panel will run your load directly on first priority, if solar panel unable bear your connected load, then battery helps you to run your connected load. Off grid solar system helps you to store your solar power in batteries for use during the power cut and when sun is also not available.

Off grid solar system is best selling system in 1kW capacity. Because off grid system works with batteries and 1kW off grid solar system comes with 2 batteries of 150AH. So, 2 batteries of 150AH are more than sufficient to store the balance electricity.

How much load can I run on 1KW solar system?
A 1 KW solar system is able to run your load under 800 watt capacity. You can run a TV, fridge, LEDs and many more under the range of 800 watt as an aggregate.

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