5 kW Off-grid solar system

5 kW Off-grid solar system

5 kW Off grid solar system is a designed to make house, shops, offices to be self dependent on energy. It is a best choice for customers having frequent power cuts in home and commercial shops. It generates 25 kwh / units a day using sun power, batteries are provide for power storage and it stores 15000 watt hour of electricity to be used at night or in emergency.

it generates 25 units every day.
500 sq feet rooftop space required for installation.

Main products
Inverter ( MPPT Technology ) – 6 KVA

Battery – 170 Ah (8 batteries with 5 year warranty)

Solar Panels 335 Watt – 5 KWp

Backup time

Load5000 W4000W3000 W2000 W1000 W
Duration2 hrs 10 min3 hrs4 hrs 30 min 7 hrs 30 mint18 hrs 30 mint

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